Application for entry to Be Active 2020

Application for entry to the Devizes Community Area Be Active 2020 event is now Open!

So, if you’re interested in applying for a space to promote the work that your group/organisation does in improving the health and well being of adults in the Devizes Community Area, simply click on the link below and follow the instructions.


We hope to see you there!

Best wishes,



Help spread the word about the Be Active 2020 event

An A4 and a square (better for Facebook posts) shaped version on the event poster are now available to download from www.dcahwb.co.uk. Just click on the BE ACTIVE 2020 tab above, then on 2020 PROMOTION and follow the instructions.

Please display the poster wherever you can, and if possible send a copy to all your friends and family.



Announcing two new Devizes Community Area Health & Well Being events in 2020

I’m pleased to announce that two new Devizes Community Area (DCA) Health & Well Being (HWB) events will take place in the Devizes Market Place and Shambles this year.


1 Be Active 2020

Kick start your active summer

The first event – Be Active 2020 – will take place on Friday 29th May, and will give organisations the opportunity to show adults in the DCA what activities they provide to help keep us healthy and active. Two areas will be made available, one in the Devizes Market Place and the other in The Shambles, to do that:

  • The Exhibition Hall: Exhibitors will be allocated FREE space in The Shambles to display their promotional materials, and to talk to visitors about what activities and services they provide. Where appropriate this will include offers of discounted taster sessions to help kickstart the visitor’s active summer.
  • The Demonstration Arena: Demonstrators will be allocated a FREE space and time slot in the Market Place to demonstrate the kind of activity sessions they offer. These might include a range of activities from exercise and dance classes, to holistic therapy sessions.

2 Be Social 2020

Kick start your social winter

The second event – Be Social 2020 – will take place on Friday 23rd October, and will give organisations such as social care groups and clubs the opportunity to show adults what services they provide. These could range from housing and medical services on the one hand, to hobby and social gatherings on the other. Again, a FREE space will be made available in the Devizes Market Place and Shambles for Demonstrators and Exhibitors to do that.


Registration for Be Active 2020

If you are interested in registering for the first, Be Active 2020 event, look out for an email in the next couple of weeks which will explain the process involved. Details will also be posted to the DCA HWB website (www.dcahwb.co.uk) within the next couple of weeks.

Here’s looking forward to a sunny summer!

Best wishes,


Cliff Evans

Be Active 2020 Organising Team

+44 7557 980476