2019 HWB Day Registration now open

I’m pleased to announce that registration for the Devizes Community Area (DCA) Hewlth and Well Being (HWB) Day is now open! This year there are again two ways in which organisations can take part:
As an Exhibitor. Just like last year, groups will be able to pitch a gazebo and from there explain to visitors what adult health & well being related services they provide. For example, exhibitors may represent a group that give people a chance to meet up and enjoy a particular interest or activity, or they might be an organisation that offers specialist care. In any case they are contributing in some way to the health and well being of the DCA adult community. Once again pitches are being offered to exhibitors FREE OF CHARGE.

As a Demonstrator. This year we will be using the central area of the Small Green for groups to demonstrate, where possible, what services they provide to help promote health and well being throughout the adult community. These services could include massage, exercise, movement, dance, singing – indeed anything that promotes health & well being. Places in the demo area are also being offered to demonstrators FREE OF CHARGE.

To register a group as an exhibitor and/or as a demonstrator, simply go to www.dcawellbeingday.co.uk , click on the Exhibitors and Demonstrators tab, and then on the Register Now icon, and complete the online Registration Form. We’re keen to be able to show visitors as many exhibits and demonstrations as possible, so if you know of any other group that may be interested in taking part, please forward this invitation to them.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about registration, or any other aspect of the DCA HWB Day, please let me know, and if you’d like to be kept informed of what’s happening in the lead up to the day, simply go to  the front page of the DCA HWB website at  www.dcawellbeingday.co.uk and click on the FOLLOW button at the foot of the page.
We look forward to receiving your registration form soon!

Best wishes


Cliff Evans

DCA HWB Day 2019 Organising Team

Tel: 07557 980476

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