2018 Feedback



The organisation on the day was superb. The car park attendants and other organisers were extremely helpful. There was a good and interesting range of stands on the day, I was delighted to be part of it and would definitely participate in the future.
We found it very worthwhile having a stand at the event. It was very well-managed, both setting up and taking down were easy. Please do this again
Enjoyed the day.  People flowed in at intervals throughout the day and we always had someone to talk about.
We had a great day and were pleased to be a part of it. Thank-you.
The footfall was poor, for the amount of work by the organisers and stalls the return was not that good.
Advertising appeared to be by banners round the town:  was this enough.
We would be happy to go again.  Many thanks to all of the organisers.
The day went well and it was nice to see lots of people visiting the stands. I feel where we were located we were a little out the way of the main run/circle. People missed us, although once the donkeys arrived it helped with people going pass us!
Ideally next year we would like to be near other relevant services. e.g.being near the Bobby Van
I really enjoyed having a stand at the event. People were happy to stop and talk – which was what we wanted. I thought is was very succesfull.
A very well organised event with very helpful staff.
Centre For Sustainable Energy
It was a super event.  We had a lot of interest and this should lead to some new members.

We were all impressed by how well it ran

Everyone who helped at our stand thoroughly enjoyed the day and the opportunity to find out more about other organisations and what is happening in the Devizes area.
Although there was a steady trickle of ‘public’ it did feel relatively quiet and the majority of people who visited were already known to us. The same dilemma – how to reach the disengaged. The publicity for the event was fantastic so I’m not sure what more could have been done.
Use of the centre arena for a programme of activities throughout the day may draw more people in – especially if focused on exercise or dance eg  taster sessions for people to try: T’ai Chi, line dancing, belly dancing, walking football, zumba, extend etc – ask existing groups to ‘offer’ also music – singing, instrumental, choral, etc – invite Wiltshire Music to attend and people can then be signposted to an organisation (participating stand) for details on how to join.
Not sure there was a very significant footfall from the public given the competing football, sunshine, circus etc but a very enjoyable event.

If rescheduled then the same level of sunshine is a must!

From the minute we arrived on the day right up until we left, we (three of us) were very happy with the way the event was organised and managed. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.
We very much enjoyed meeting and chatting to other organisations and it was a great way to network.

Suggestions (nothing bad but just a thought):
When the choirs were singing, it would’ve been better if they had a microphone as we struggled to hear them.
Making sure the activities are done inside the arena, not on the outside as they then get overlooked.
More children friendly activities – face painting, bubble machine, bouncy castle, ice cream van

Thank you for the invitation. We look forward to the next one!

I personally thought it was a great day but sadly didn’t have much time to wander round myself as felt unfair to leave my table to one of the residents and it was I who volunteered myself in the first place anyway. But what I saw was great, so much available to the over 55’s.
Someone did make a comment to me that it should be for ‘Adults’ and not just limited to the over 55’s but if adults are from 18/21yrs then you would have to probably rent a few fields to get all the tables on!!
Thankyou for inviting us, it was very successful and fantastically organised we thought. The choirs at the end of the day were a success and brought in parents wo could look at information for their parents. Next year I think you could charge stall holders a fee for attending and more catering vans might be beneficial. Chair Zumba might be an interesting activity to offer and the event could run on til 4pm.
Found several people did not know about Lions and what we did. A few people signed up wanting to find out about us and possibly become members. Unfortunately an A4 sheet with names and contact details of some who expressed an interest went missing, can you check to see if it was found when clearing up.
Great event and would love to do it again if the opportunity is there. Some additional information a bit earlier on would have been handy, for example the pitch size and that we needed to bring a gazebo as we didn’t have one of these so had to go and buy one at short notice. Other than that it was very well ran and we really enjoyed the day.
Well done for putting on this event and for your excellent organisation. Very smooth!
More advertising social media plays a big part perhaps need more awareness.
Apart from the signs as you go into Devizes I didn’t hear anything about it. Spoke to lots of customers from village’s around Devizes they didn’t know it was on
Lovely, friendly atmosphere. I have enjoyed the day and would love to take part again.
The day went well for us as a club, with 20 people signing up for beginners courses and two ex members deciding to take up the sport again.  We had prepared materials to be able to present the benefits of archery as well as group exercises using stretch bands, however as the archery was a continuous event we did not have a specific focus in the programme where we could engage a larger audience.  The archery demonstration was not as effective as we had hoped in drawing in an audience, but was clearly a visible presence on the day and we had a number of requests to ‘have a go’ that we had to decline, so perhaps a missed opportunity on our part.  Our presence attracted a visit from the Mayor and gave us an opportunity to engage with him about the sport and the planned development at Green Lane.  Our conclusion was that it was a good opportunity to promote community wellbeing, the sport of archery and our club and we would support a future event if organised.